I receive no notifications whatsoever for any posts by anyone I follow. I have the settings turned on for email and push. I have turned them off and back on again. I have it enabled in my phone. They are not in my spam. The notifications DO. NOT. WORK. All I get in my "notifications" page are new follower notifications, even though I have that setting turned off. I just want to be updated and notified when someone I follow posts something new. That is the whole point of this service and it does not work. This wouldn't be a huge issue if I could filter my feed to show me only posts instead of a sea of reposts I don't care about, but that isn't an option either. Why are notifications not working? Why has this been an issue brought up by countless people and still not working? Why is a company as big as SoundCloud having issues with something as simple as notifications?

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i've been having the same issue for the past few days.
in both the notification bar and the main notification site it just says, "Sorry, something went wrong."
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Hi there,

Apologies about this - our engineers let me know that there was a temporary issue that was now fixed.

Can you try again and see if it is working again? Let the community know how it went. 🙂
Hi i have a similar issue, the notifications aren't working and when i click on the little bell shape icon on my profile it says : sorry something went wrong.

Can you help please?
I as well have been having the notification error saying: Sorry, Something went wrong. It's showing that I have no new notifications however I'm getting emails about reposts. I've tried logging out and back in, but it still seems to have the error.

Please help!