Original song cannot be streamed on Android mobile but on desktop!?

  • 24 January 2018
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Recently (as of 1/8/18) I have been attempting to play my original song on my Android mobile phone but I receive the error of "Not playable, this track cannot be streamed". This is particularly disturbing as I have been able to play this for the last ten months on mobile since I uploaded it! When I login go to a desktop/laptop it works perfectly fine. What on Earth is this all about! This is unacceptable! :@:?:(:@

4 replies

This is happening on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 but instead of the tracks not playing, my songs are all 30 second previews due to Soundcloud Go program. I went on my desktop and all my songs can be played fully without the SC Go subscription but not on my android. Please Help.
I tried it and it seems to work now. Thank you!
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Hi there,

Sorry about this glitch, but this should now work.

All the best
Also I tried the "troubleshooting tips" in the post titled "Android troubleshooting". Did not work!