Paid for soundcloud go, & still songs keep pausing a couple seconds into the track

Ive updated, reset, re-downloaded, got soundcloud GO even, and its still pausing the track, songs, etc.
I re-downloaded soundcloud, because I appreciate that most songs are on here, compared to other music platforms (no fingers pointed) clearly I'm not to satisifed with this month and will un-subscribe, not be a monthly subscriber, as im sure others will too, if this is the case. Please give me some tips or something, even though I've read other posts with the same problem, followed to turn my battery saver off, go into my options and do so & so nothings working so please help me its disgustingly annoying.
Im not some childish person trying to get my extra day or week back.. Im looking to support a music platform, that allows me to not only listen offline, but also not have it lag every two seconds. Thank you have a good time.

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