Playback controls isn't working on Samsung S10

  • 2 April 2019
  • 6 replies

Anyone run into this problem where you turn off your device and want to change or pause the music on lock-screen but isn't working? Other music apps such as Google Music, Spotify, Stitcher, Audible works except for SoundCloud.

6 replies

I'm having the same issue. After I lock my phone, I'll see two different playback controls on my lock screen, my phone's and the app's right below it. The phone controls won't work, but the app's will be able to skip one song then disappear. After it disappears, the phone playback controls cease to function. Incredibly frustrating.
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Hi there, sorry to hear you're having difficulties with the app.

Firstly, please clear your cache by heading to ‘basic settings’ in the app and selecting ‘Clear application cache’.You may also want to force stop the app going to your application manager and clicking ‘Force Stop’. Then try opening the app again to see if that has resolved the issue. Alternatively, you can simply delete and reinstall the app - this could also help resolving issues. Also try to make sure to install the app on the internal storage rather than an SD card. Could you also please make sure your power saving/battery saver mode is switched off? To do this, go to your Settings, then in the Battery menu tap the 'more options' triple dot icon in the top right corner and check if your battery saver mode is off.

In the event that none of these steps work, please get back to us and we'll be happy to look further into it for you.
Hi Navid,

Thanks for getting back. I've tried all your suggestions, but none of them work. It only works after I restart the phone... once. It's frustrating opening the app just to pause or play next song.
I am having the exact same issue. It appears to be samsung pie one UI as I upgraded to a new phone and previous phone on Oreo was able to use media controls on lock screen. I also completed all troubleshooting steps to no avail.

Hey soundcloud hope someone fixes it soon, One UI is a pretty major os...
Same issue here with Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Samsung S8+ and Samsung A50
All running android 9.0
Same issue here. I'm not able to skip, replay, or pause music on the lock screen. It works sometimes but doesent most of the time. I'm on a note 8 running Android 9.

Super annoying to have to unlock the phone each time.