Podcasts persist in auto playing on my android device. It's extremely annoying. The system is ignoring the preference setting.

  • 12 October 2016
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Android has a setting to stop Auto Play.
I have set it accordingly.
Still, after I have selected a podcast track to listen to, Soundcloud persists in either playing the previous (older) track; or in arbtrary instances a related but unwanted track.
This has to be resolved, otherwise: back to itunes on my (ageing) iPod Touch.
Thank you

4 replies

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I don't have a solution for this. but I'm curious to know how you're listening to podcasts on the Android device. Are you using an app?
hi Shawn
Soundcloud treats podcasts like music tracks. I was pointed in their direction by one of the pods I listen to ~ Blood Red (Liverpool FC). So I've been using it for that podcast, only it's really annoying to have Arsenal's podcast shoved down my throat immediately after (and really, podcasts aren't music. You listen to then according to the context in the moment when it's right to do so, and when there's time. It's not background noise.)
I have an ipod Touch, and it's getting a bit long in the tooth. And iTunes is really dark ages computing, these days... Anyways, that's where all the rest on my podcasts are, and I'm using Pocket Cast. It's really great. I thought if I could solve the problem I'd give Soundcloud a shot at managing the rest rather than load the Android version of Pocket Cast.
So (given your reply!) I've loaded the Android version of Pocket Cast, paid the $3.99, and I'm motoring along quite happily now, thank you ;-)

Regards, ~c
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Glad I was able to help! It's interesting to hear your perspective on SoundCloud's "autoplay feature," as a podcast consumer. I know some podcast producers who aren't thrilled with SoundCloud's forcing of random music tracks into their embedded podcast players. In fact, one poster on this forum recently said they were nearly fired from a job because of this. On one hand, I guess I can see why SoundCloud does this. But, it does seem like an odd choice to automatically append podcast plays with music.
Well, I've solved the problem for Soundcloud by fullfilling my requirements elsewhere. It's called Market churn. Many Companies place themselves and their products at the center of the customer UI rather than the other way round; analagous to corner mom & pop shops selling to local communities. They don't see that "Customer centric" does not flow from "I'm the center of the Customer experience". Unlike pantihose and yoga leggings, One Size does not fit All. The podcast experience and it's dynamics are not the music dynamic. And the butterfly variety of the typical teenager doesn't map to the needs of the 20's. 30's, and so on. Tech is a world where you can grow at 15% and still crash and burn. It's very unforgiving.
Anyway, SC is off my Nexus 7 and will never make it to the 5. Any which way, I'm settled in for the next 3 - 5 years, and I can safely pass the iPod down the line!