Problem with bluetooth playback in car - android 8

  • 17 November 2017
  • 5 replies

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I have two problems with playback via bluetooth (only in my car).
1. I can not resume any previously paused song (present since forever). I have to skip to the next song, the play button is just not responding.
2. If I skip or fast forward a track with the new Pixel 2 (Android 😎, no sound is coming out of the speakers. I have to pause and play again, that the sound is coming back. Also only present in my car, with bluetooth headphones everything is working fine.


5 replies

I have the EXACT same problem and it is hugely annoying. I am running Android 7.0 on Galaxy S8+

Anyone bothered to provide some answers?
Same problem for me on Hono 9, Android 7.0. Personally i can't get audio from the speaker.. I posted a topic nearly 20 days ago but no answer from developers / customers.
I have the same problem - running soundcloud on OnePlus 5, Android 8.0.0.

Are you working on the fix?
Same here running android 8 but it was also present when I had Android 7.x
Problem is now solved after official update to Android 8.1 on OnePlus 5.