Hi. Im new to soundcloud. Just have a few questions

What is Soundcloud Go+ and Soundcloud Pro? And do you have to pay for both

And why are some features only available on desktop and not mobile such as embedding and adding/updating profile information

And I notice when I add songs to my playlists some of them have preview and don't play the whole song

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Is this forum active? If not how can I contact soundcloud support by email or live chat
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Hi @Babylicious,

Yes, this community is active.

For an overview of SoundCloud Go / Go+ and their prices, please see here:

For SoundCloud Pro / Pro Unlimited, here's more info:

Our product teams try to align as many features as possible across all platforms (Android, iOS, Web), however this is not always possible.

Lastly, the previews occur when you're trying to play content that the uploading artist / their label / distributor provides to SoundCloud Go+ exclusively.

Hope this helps.

Is there any way you can remove my hidden followers?
it says im following 4 people but im only following one person. Can you remove them?