Skips to end of track when I select it - intended feature or can i switch this off somehow?

  • 8 September 2018
  • 1 reply

Whenever i play certain tracks in my playlist the app seems to remember that i had previously been listening to that track at some earlier point and therefore plays the song at the end. The problem here is that because the track skips to the end after I select it, the app then changes the track to the next one along in my playlist meaning that I can't listen to certain songs without first selecting the track in my playlist that comes after the desired track and then swiping back (problem occurs on phone). It isn't a massive issue but it's slightly annoying and I'd rather not have this feature if there's any way of removing it/switching it off.

1 reply

Soundcloud sometimes saves where you left on a track so when you come back to it it sets you off where you left. To prevent this I recommend listening to the song until it has completely finished instead of switching to a different song at the end / outro part of the song.