Slight Crackling Noise on Tracks

So i have had soundcloud for a few years now on my phone. Up until a few weeks ago, it was working fine. Now, the tracks have slight noises, like if you tap a microphone. It gets worse as you play more songs. It's not my headphones because when an AD showed up, it was playing fine. Ive tried to restart my phone (an android)and delete the app. How can you fix this? I really want to listen to my music on soundcloud again.

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Also experiencing this:

(Running Windows 10 Insider Preview, 18908.1000.amd64fre.rs_prerelease.190524-1658, don't know whether this should make any difference.)

It sounds like individual audio samples are skipped, it happens more frequent under load, but my load is still very slow, most of the time only using the web browser with 10 to 15 open tabs.
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Just wanted to share the update on the progress. We shipped experimental fix to our beta users (fix is available starting from the version 2019.04.24-beta). It would be great if you could try joining our beta group - to test it before we ship it to the whole user base.
To join our beta community:

Thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Best Regards,
Milos Pesic
Playback Engineer at SoundCloud
Same problem here. My file sounds fine when I play it on my laptop, but when I play it on my Samsung Note 8 it has pops and clicks. What's going on? I'm betting most people are listening on their phones, so this is bad.
Dunno, seems to have been going on for a decent amount of time, won't be long till I cancel my sub and go elsewhere though!
Mine crackles with screen on or off.

Tried allowing storage access for SoundCloud as I read that somewhere, no difference.

Why haven't they fixed this yet!? It's so annoying
So this problem has just started for me too, Samsung S9, I think it started after the Android update, I played around with my power saving mode settings today and found that by reducing the power savings the crackling frequency to be greatly reduced.... But the problem still persists, although I haven't tried turning power saving mode off completely yet, but it seems to be a software issue between soundcloud /Android.... The problem also persists through the phones speaker. I've also noticed that the crackling only really starts when the phone is locked /screen off.
Used to be fine on my Sony Z5 premium. But on my new Sony Xperia 10 plus, its awful. I even bought a new phono cable, but its not that, just this app, junk!
This is becoming kind of ridiculous. Years ago I lost an entire playlist with a days worth of music because somehow it got over wrote by another playlist I had. Couldn't fix that problem. I'm getting constant crackle/static popping to the point of being unbearable. Doesn't matter if its through my phone speaker, wired or wireless headphones, Bluetooth speaker, or linked in my car. Why I do I pay $10 a mo/ for consistent problems? UGHHHH why is this such a love hate relationship
Having same crackling issues. Thought it might be 500 dollar headphones I bought recently but it also happens with earbuds and bluetooth speaker.

So glad I wasted my money on SoundCloud GO! 🥵
As previous user stated, playback has been affected by a recent update, that is for sure.

Noticed the problem today, also updated to latest Android recently (S8), only soundcloud app has static popping! What happened ??
I have the Samsung Galaxy S8+.
The problem started yesterday as soon as I upgraded to Android 9.0.
Same crackling and popping sound as if something is not plugged into a jack right (the headphones work fine, tested in a computer. The phone's jack also works fine, tested my other headphones).
Soundcloud is definitely the issues here as Youtube, Spotify, and virtually anything else is working fine.
Can we please get at least an acknowledgement from an engineer that they are aware of this problem specifically with Android mobile phone and the Soundcloud app????
I have the Samsung Galaxy S9.
This problem occurred maybe 4 months ago for me.
I have tried 3 different earphones/headphones and the problem persists only when using Soundcloud.
It doesn't make a difference what song is played.
I have deleted and re-installed the app with no improvement.
The crackling noise comes and go's as it pleases, but when it starts it tends to get worse with time.
I have realized my tracks uploaded to SoundCloud play fine in iTunes via RSS feed, but not when I play them direct from SoundCloud.

The direct SoundCloud play works on computer only, but not in combination with Bluetooth speaker, but other audio playback (iTunes, Audacity, etc.)DOES work via Bluetooth speaker.

Conclusion: There's something SoundCloud is doing to the files in its own playback system that makes it intolerant of certain devices or setups.
S9+ here, same issues, the crackling is unbearable
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@Abdiel LeRoy Thanks for the info. We will check tracks you mentioned.

Milos Pesic
Playback Engineer at SoundCloud Ltd.
Hello Milos -

Yes I will download the latest application and see, but even if that works, there's no guarantee listeners will listen on the latest application.

I am listening on a Dell PC via Firefox, but again, SoundCloud needs to work across all devices, as my other audio applications do, so that I can send and embed links with confidence and not have to worry about what device listeners and potential buyers are using.

I have played several tracks again today, and the jumps and bumps are occurring on all of them. Examples include...

The former is a podcast episode, and that episode when played in iTunes does NOT replicate the problems occurring when using the SoundCloud app directly!

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Dear @A.A.O,

The team has put some fixes recently that may help with your problem. May I ask you to download the latest application version and try again?

@Abdiel LeRoy - thanks for reporting the error. It would be useful for us to know if the issue happens only on Android or on other platforms as well(i.e web). It would also be super helpful for us if you could point us to some of your tracks so we can check if we can reproduce the problem.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your time!

Milos Pesic
Playback Engineer at SoundCloud Ltd.
I just noticed this too. Every single track cracks and pops despite uploads of pristine tracks. Even reverted to original WAV files instead of MP3. Still happens. Damaging to my business! I am referring buyers to my audiobook samples on SoundCloud, and now realize SoundCloud cracking makes it seem the audiobooks were not professionally produced. Bugger! I am paying for this "service".