Some songs are stuttering on some devices

  • 31 December 2017
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I have a somewhat strange problem. I hear songs on different android devices.

On one device I have no problem.

On an other device some songs have no problem, however some other songs stutter badly. That is the song gets a short interruption ever 1.5-3 seconds.

I tried "clean cache and reboot device", but problem is completely reproducible.

One song affected is this one:
Whereas other songs always work, i.e.:

Approximately half of the songs I tried were affected.

6 replies

I have this issue too. It's like SoundCloud is waiting too long to feed the audio buffer. I get it more when my device isn't locked. I'm using a OnePlus5. Music from Google Play Music plays perfectly without stuttering so this is an issue with the SoundCloud app.

When can we expect a fix?
Mine has been doing that for a while at first it was all good but after having the app for some time about half my liked songs do that on my phone even after i got a new one but they all play just fine on the computer or if i log into the website from my phone and today i realized what a fake ass support system they have set up so they dont have to address anyone about the apps problems its a shame it was a good app still use it would just like to listen to the rest of my liked songs without them skipping
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Hi there,

Hmm, it indeed sounds like the cache is causing troubles on your devices. Have you manually tried to delete the app, restart your device, then download the most current version of the mobile app?

If this still doesn't seem to help, please consider joining the Android Beta program and send reports directly to our engineers.

Also have this issue since I got a new phone. Gonna try get the beta program to see if I have any luck in newer versions.
This is happening to my iPhone as well.
Here also massive stuttering, lost connections and offsync streaming via airplay2 from soundloud app on iOS or macOS to SONOS System. Only happening with soundcloud. Other Apps work fine with airplay. Any Ideas?