Some songs only load 30 seconds and never load more no matter what

So my SoundCloud app have been bringing me this one sole issue that completely cut my enjoyment in using the app.
The issues started right after I used my mobile data to listen to my playlist like always. But some songs started to only load 30 seconds and stuck there without loading anymore even when I have switched to a stable Wifi connection. I know that region restriction is not the problem here because I can still listen to all of the same song on my PC.
I have tried from uninstalling the app to forcefully delete all traces of the app but the problem is still present.

I would love to resolve this asap so if you know anything about fixing this issue above please do so.

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I think it is only the preview of the song and you have to buy the full version.

or if were you i would just pirate.
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These tracks are fully available with a SoundCloud Go+ subscription. More info about this can be sound here:

We highly recommend not to pirate, and pirating should not be advertised / recommended on the SoundCloud Help Community either.