Song details stuck in notification bar

  • 31 March 2018
  • 2 replies


I have a problem that when i change the song, the sone details still unchanged in the notification bar as well as the lock screen, even the song is played normally with no issues.
Also, Bluetooth controls are no more working with SoundCloud.

My phone is one plus 5 android oreo 8.0

Your attention to the above subject is highly appreciated. Thanks.

2 replies

im having the same problem for a month now. I've been using the app and go+ for a year and its been great but this glitch is really annoying. I've tried everything from restarting phone to uninstalling the app or reconnecting the bluetooth connection and haven't got it fixed yet. please fix this. my phone is samsung galaxy s8+ by the way with android 8.0.0
I am having this same issue too; been happening for a couple of months now. When switching songs--whether it's me manually changing it or when it automatically does when the song is over--the song displayed on my screen is from the previous song (or even from 2-5 songs ago). It doesn't change. The only way I get around this is by pressing pause then play again. So you have a different song playing while the display information is incorrect. Also, I connect my phone to my car via Bluetooth, and whatever's displayed on my phone, displays on the screen in my car. So it's kind of annoying when I'm listening to new music and I want to know what I'm listening to (especially when I'm driving). My phone is a Samsung S8+. I was hoping this would've been fixed with some updates, but it hasn't yet.

Note: This doesn't happen 100% of the time, but it does happen often.