Soundcloud app simply shows a song as being "not available" on shuffle

  • 27 August 2019
  • 4 replies

As you can see, the app shows no information about the song and gives no way of unliking it, nor any reason for whatever song it is not being available. This is using the app on android.

I've gone through my entire library of liked songs and can't find the culprits. This happens regularly. Any ideas?

Much appreciated!

4 replies

The song is unplayable for some reason. Media rights...
It's one of those songs that are “unplayable in your region".
I have found that the que will show the track as unplayable under the track title until it is the now playing track. Then it becomes the" this track can't be played" and looses all info.
So if you scan through the que you can deal with them before they play. I tend to leave them alone because they occasionally come back...but it also brings the que to a halt
Thanks nate, I shall give that a go!
Thinking on it more, it seems like I get something like this when I drop data coverage as well.
Also, depending on how old your account is, 2015/16 was odd on soundcloud. Songs were disappearing as the digital rights thing played out and people were bitching; it seemed like songs quit disappearing but would show as unavailable. These older unavailable tracks tend to give me fits. They will occasionally crash whole thing

That's solely an observation of my interaction. I could be making the whole thing up. I spend a lot of time in soundcloud though...
The issue seems to be fixed in the beta. I had a track unavailable next up. It skipped it almost seamlessly and the song is still viewable and can be edited for its like status