Soundcloud doesn't shut off when I exit the app.

  • 8 November 2017
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How do I get Soundcloud to shut off after I close the app?

8 replies

I have tried all options and still, the only way to turn off music is to force stop in settings.
It's quite annoying when you close the app that the music doesn't stop. I don't even have the notification bar player anymore to stop it there. I have a suspicion that Soundcloud does this because they KNOW that people who exit the app do so to bypass the advertisements playing. An annoying solution. Can't even pause the advertisements.
SSERIOUSLY! this is sooooo annoying!! And now f×€%ing ads play before songs without option to skip...
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@Pablo Gimenez 7 - if you're playing music, then try pausing the music first before swiping the app away from your recents. That will close the app completely. Hope this helps!
March 2019. Still wondering how to close the MOTHERFATHER APP for good💙
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do something, how could you run such a good community like this?
Thanks in advance, I guess.
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Hi there,

If this is stlll happening, please try and remove the app, restart your phone, then download again for a fresh start and to hopefully sort out any glitches.

Just exit the notofication bar player
Have you tried sending.. An email to the developers?

This should be an app problem!