SoundCloud for Android Auto

  • 25 January 2017
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Hey developers, it would be awesome if you could realize SoundCloud as an app for Android Auto. If you also added support for SD card for offline listening (this is a must) I'll definitely subscribe to SoundCloud Go. Would be awesome. Thanks!

5 replies

I actually really surprised there aren't any threads about this. I really hope they Make Soundcloud work on Android auto.
I don't want to start all over on pandora of Spotify. Even if you charged me, I would be okay with it. But I have 3 years of music collected.

XM radio is garbage. Radio is the pinnacle of garbage. Pandora/ Spotify don't have dank remixes.

Would be nice to not be a neanderthal and use and AUX or Bluetooth. And get with modern times.

SoundCloud 4 life!
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My Cloud Radio for Soundcloud supports Android Auto and Tv
Does it sync with SoundCloud account? Because when i login i don't see any of my music.
I would pay $10 a month to have SoundCloud on Android Auto. Please don't give my money to Spotify!!! There is better music HERE!!
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Yes please... Yes please... Yes please...

Waiting on this to finally show up, as I listen to Soundcloud on my daily commutes, but need to have Google Traffic for navigating the streets.