Soundcloud Google Assistant Integration

  • 18 July 2019
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Since replies are almost non existent, I'll try again here.
2 Years ago the blog promised Google Assistant integration.
Since then you have added Google Cast integration unlike Spotify and Deezer who did add Google Assistant Integration.
I would like to know what happened to this promise, as it is the only reason that i cannot fully use Soundcloud for all music needs.
I HATE Spotify and Deezer as they simply don't have the music i want, but since i cannot use Soundcloud in the car without having to grab my phone, but i can use the other apps, im a bit disappointed. And since all questions up till now have been ignored, i also feel like Soundcloud simply does not care.

Even if the answer is, it costs money to get integration from Google Assistants side, i would understand.
but complete silence feels like a bad move, and just not fair for people who have been waiting multiple years on this feature. it is one of the reasons i got very excited about Google Home and bought one.
Now i know you guys don't work for google, and dont really care that i bought one for that reason.
But if you brought the feature in and said it would be Soundcloud GO only, I'd totally think itd be worth it for me.

Please give us an update, because the silence is just depressing.


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