Soundcloud inbuilt player is turning paying customers away!!!

  • 9 August 2019
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Like the title says, Soundcloud's inbuilt player is going to be the death of Soundcloud.

I didn't get this at all, soundcloud's total existence relies on people listen to music...yes??? If so then why does the only allowed/supported software used to play this music on Android devices unreliable, buggy and a total disappointment to say the least???

I get (and plenty others) constant crackling and interference when streaming music no matter what quailty. (which i have slightly overcome when i actually download the music and play it locally, it improves it by 80% but not completely)

I'm also an LGv30 user because of its inbuilt DAC, but I have a problem where DAC is not utilized with soundcloud player, Every other streaming service i have tried has no problems whatsoever utilizing the DAC.

I want to pay for the pro version for the High quality music, but if i have no control over the sound settings on my end whats the bloody point? I cant adjust anything no bloody EQ whatsoever.

If Soundcloud does not want to develop their app to the The 21st century, at least allow us to somehow utilize our preferred 3rd party players.... easy fix

I can only hope that this post can somehow spark change for the better! Soundcloud in my eyes is better than any other streaming service out there, but to me its unusable because of something so simple!!! Come on soundcloud WE KNOW YOU CAN DO BETTER!!!

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