stream behaves buggy on application startup when there are new tracks

  • 12 March 2019
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I made a video of it.
it has a few frame drops/lags in it (if you want me to record it again, just say so), but it should be possible to see what the bug is

I start soundcloud, go to streams, it tells you there are x more posts. if you don't reload, then almost all other already loaded tracks that are shown on the streams page won't play. instead it switches to some other track that won't even start playing. playlists aren't affected and you can still open the uploader's/artist's page correctly.

some tracks from stream work

it keeps on playing those even while when I click on the tracks that don't work (it shows the other track in the gui, but the notification shows the actual track that is playing)

reloading the stream page is a workaround

likes and everything else works fine.
just stream is buggy

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