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  • 26 January 2019
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Previously I have used Nexus 5 with Android 6 (and some older devices prior to that), but lately upgraded to Nexus 5x with Android 8 (up-to-date).

But it seems to have introduced much higher battery consumption for SoundCloud app, unlike with any previous/older devices.

For comparison with Nexus 5 SoundCloud could play for couple of days straight without charging, but with Nexus 5x it barely last for 12 hours.

It seams to consume 1/3 what YouTube app takes for 720p60 videos with same amount of time. Previously it seams to be more like 1/20 of what YouTube took for playing 480p videos straight.

No additional hardware (headphones, speakers, etc) used.

Not that many additional apps running in background either (especially compared to setup with previous Nexus 5.

Issue shouldn't relate to networking/GPS, as it would affect YouTube app just as much, and I barely use any of them (wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, etc), at least without actually required to.

I have monthly internet plan for (reasonable) unlimited data and speed via GSM/LTE with cellular service provider (therefore no need for additional networking methods for internet access).

It really seems to be that the SoundCloud app it shelf has much higher energy consumption on that device for some reason.

I just can't understand why?

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