Tracks shared to Twitter do not play on Android

  • 24 October 2017
  • 6 replies

For the last month or so, the SoundCloud player shared through Twitter doesn't play our uploaded audio on Android devices.

Everyone in our office with Android devices had problems, Iphone still works.

We're about to renew our subscription but need some help getting this resolved.

I've un-installed and re-installed the app and restarted my device; it's still not working.

If we go to the SoundCloud app the audio plays, just not on the SoundCloud player widget on Twitter.

Please help, thanks.

Dustin in Fargo.

6 replies

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Hi @WZFG-AM 1100,

Thanks for reporting this. I've moved your post into its own topic as this seems to be an isolated issue. We've let our engineers know about this and they are currently looking into this.

Thank you for hanging in there.

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Hi again @WZFG-AM 1100,

It looks like this isn't an issue that is exclusive to SoundCloud, but on Twitter's end - other platforms seem to be affected as well. Our engineers have reached out to Twitter and let them know about this. Hoping for a fix soon.

Thanks for the update Mathis, appreciate it.

I know there's probably no time-table on this sorta thing since it's on Twitter's end.

Do their engineering's typically connect back with you when they've made a "fix"?

Just wondering if I should check back here for an update or just keep checking Twitter to see if the audio player is working.

Thanks again,

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Hi again @WZFG-AM 1100,

As soon as I hear back, I'll be sure to update you hear about it. 🙂
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Hi there,

I totally missed out on updating this topic - Twitter let us know that they looked into this but had to escalate the issue, thus I'm not sure where this is at on their end right now, and how quickly it gets addressed and fixed. @WZFG-AM 1100 - is this still an issue for you at this point?
Still having the same issue. It works fine on a computer but not on an android device. Any update on the problem?