Unable to sign in on mobile.

  • 18 September 2017
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This has happened before but normally I delete the app cache in my mobile and restart my phone to fix the issue. Today that has not worked. I can log into the desktop version but not the mobile app. I log in via facebook and I am using a Sony Xperia.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Logged out of facebook and back in. And restarted my device. I do pay for Soundcloud so would like to get this sorted.

10 replies

Ive been getting the same thing for weeks now its frustrating ive signed out delated the app reinstaled the app chnaged password and nothing so i decided today to open the app in another email being my google one and the app opened up and i could then click on links in fb and they would open up in the app but not my Main Account

ive messaged soundcloud and in the app store and i got nothing back apart from an email asking me how they did in sorting the problem out but i never recieved anything no wonder soundcloud is going down the drain

its putting me off to getting PRO
Same problem here. Haven't been able to log into the Soundcloud Android app on my phone for about 3 days now. Logged into Pulse app okay. Email and password are correct. Am able to log into the Android app on my tablet, as well as log in to a different SC account on my phone, just not my main account (which is a Pro account). I've filled out a support ticket, and so far no answer.

Same problem on galaxy s7 edge and samsung tab e 8.0

Tried reinstall after unistall/reset. Password and email are correct.

They really need to fix this.
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Hi there,

This is currently a known issue for Sony Xperia devices unfortunately. Please consider to join our Android Beta program to help our engineers sort this out.

@Aez101 - not known for Samsung Galaxy s7 device. Have you tried deleting the app, restarting your device, then downloading it again (the restart between deleting & reinstalling should ensure a clean cache).
I have already tried what you suggested. Please reference my original post. Obviously, it didn't work. Any other suggestions?
same problem with me on Samsung S4 ..
Soundcloud should fix this problem.
I'm also having the same issue on a Samsung S5. I've tried resetting the password, uninstalling and reinstalling but none of it works, just gives me the "we couldn't sign you in. Sure you have the right email and password?" error.
I am also having this problem. Oppo A57. No solution 7 months later? Come on
Same issue with a marshall london phone.

Want to add that this issue has prevailed for 2 years on my sony xperia X, as well as not being able to upload at ALL on my phone. Also soundcloud always signs out after I shut down the app on my xperia. Issues has been recorded for over 2 years, seriously what is this soundcloud garbage. Fix your garbage app and then fix the rest. I'm willing to bet money that this thread will be up with 15+ new responses in one year from now, and no issue will be fixed then either.
I can't sign in with my both Google account

soundcloud we couldn't sing you in with google+