Vertical Elepsis (menu) Button Doesn't Extend To Edge

  • 11 October 2017
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Using the "show layout bounds" developer option in Android, I was able to see the layout for the menu button for each track didn't extend to the edge of the screen. When you tap this area, it acts as if you tapped the track itself instead of the menu button, which is very counterintuitive and doesn't make any sense when the options extend all the way to the left edge. Just please extend the layout to include the right edge. It would greatly improve usability and decrease general frustration with the app.

2 replies

I was going to post about the same issue. The track always plays when all I want to do is to add it to the queue or a playlist. Which results in me losing my current queue as well and then I have to start all over again. It is very annoying because I queue up tracks very often. I think this could be simply fixed by not letting the 'play track button' extend under the options bar below the track(menu, like, repost).
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Hi there,

Thank you for reporting this here on the Community. I've forwarded to the relevant team already, but please join our beta group here: