Waveform rolls waaay too fast on phone

  • 27 November 2018
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So every time I open the app on android (S8+) the waveform plays a lot faster than the actual music itself. For example, according to the waveform, the drop should come just in that very moment, but the music is way behind. If I try to skip to a part, the waveform jumps back to where it should be, synced with the music, but then it plays fast again. (Here is the waveform in action. You'll understand what I mean). If the track isn't over yet but on the waveform it is, it jumps back to where it should be and laggs with the music.
If I unlock the phone its accurate for a second and then speeds off again. I tried reinstalling the app like 5x. Its getting annoying.

My other issues related to this. If I play another track, lets call it track 2 and leave the previous track 1 at half, when I go back to track 1, it continues the track instead of starting it from the beginning.
Also. If I let a track end by itself when I try to play it again it keeps on switching and "ending". Supper annoying. It wasn't like this before and it works on pc properly.

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