When will Soundcloud support system equalizer and audio settings

  • 11 June 2018
  • 3 replies

Soundcloud is hands down THE BEST music streaming app on the planet. But I only have a Single problem that is audio equalizer support. Why does it bypasses system equalizer and other audio settings? This makes the music feel flat and with more treble many times.

Please fix this issue which will definitely make this app flawless. I am using Redmi Note 4.

3 replies

I know how you feel. I have a set of high impedance headphones so I choose to use the LG V 20 and 30 as my phone's, but sadly, even their hi-fi quadac won't work with SoundCloud. That makes it so my music is much quieter when using the application. This makes it especially hard because I am a supporter of an up-and-coming artist Moore Kismet's, so it makes it hard for me to fully appreciate his music when on a mobile device, which I have to be on at school. I hope that they come up with a soultion to this issue.k
How about something like true-fi by Sonarworks, something I'm trialling at the moment, makes a great difference.
I have same issue with my Redmi 4X. If i listen to Soundcloud in Xiaomi browser equalizer works just fine. Try it out.