Why are some of my songs 30 seconds long on the soundcloud android app?

  • 7 August 2015
  • 6 replies

With a few of my songs, one being, Time Lapse by thefatrat and another song on my favorites playlist that I can't remember right now, they will only play the first 30 sec. of the song then skip on to the next song. I only have this problem on the android app on the samsung galaxy s5, not on the website on browser. Just wondering if there is any way to fix this. Thanks for the help!
Also as a note android had an update recently, this might be the cause, but I am not sure.

6 replies

I also have the same issue.
What kind of phone do you have?
What kind of phone do you have?
OnePlus One running Android Ver. 5.0.2
What kind of phone do you have?
My droid turbo is doing the same thing, the app only plays the first like 30 seconds to several songs in my playlist then stops and goes the next song.
I have the same problem. It plays 1% of the whole set and then it just skips to the next track. This only happens in the Android app, not in the browser via Chrome for Android. In the picture you can see. The top track is being played. It first says 1hour (above) and in the other screen where the song is playing, it says 1 minute (below)

I came across a track which, even after reinstalling on my LG G3, deleting cache & data, only plays the first 14 seconds on the Android app.

It plays fine on the web. Does anyone else have the same issue on the SoundCloud app version 2016.11.01?