2 starting rappers looking for an producer with dope beats

  • 17 October 2018
  • 3 replies

We just started rapping and are in need of some beats, hmu if you produce beats or know something who would like to work with us. We prefer Dutch beatmakers cuz we're from Holland but anything will work if the beats are dope.

Hmu on insta: bj020

3 replies

Hello! My primary focus in music is production, I specialize in making beats as well as mixing and mastering. I would love to show you guys a couple different beats as examples, but to make sure they are tailored to your interests; what kind of tone were you looking for? Aggressive, fast, laid back, psychadelic? or do you have a couple examples in mind of what type of beat you would like?
I'll show you one of my recent Trap beats, most rappers I know find it pretty easy to flow to and experiment with. It's 95 BPM fyi
I have some dark hip hop beats. HMU at and I’ll even through in 1-2 beats for free!
I mean, if you want IDM noise trap produced by a disabled, I'm your man.