A SoundCloud Account "Dimwell" Copies Others Song

  • 19 January 2018
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Hello guys (Im not at using this language)
So I want to talk about ”plagiarism” of @dimwell-l
This guy copies many songs from other artist songs.
For example:
↑this song is plagiarism of "goropi - Person"↓
many people are mad about this.
How do you think about this?
How can we destroy this account?

Please comment me

8 replies

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The example you give sounds like he has uploaded the original track, not copied it. The original artist can make a copyright claim if they know about it and it bothers them. You could also comment on the tracks or message the guy but don't do anything that he could report as harassment.
He is only 17.
Thanks for replying.
What I can do is just tell original artist ro make a copyright claim...
Thank you!🆒
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that's why you have to pause before offering everything (or anything) you upload as a free download. I came across a case like this a year ago except the copycat had recorded the stolen song very badly with a lot of hiss. it still got lots of love from listeners.
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It looks like the Dimwell account has been deleted, but there are labels releasing his tracks ... or should I say tracks he is claiming to be his. You should check none of those are stolen too:
Thank you everyone, Finally I had damaged from the guy, and all my songs were gone.
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Dimwell has a new account and a new name. https://soundcloud.com/skaile-prro
Todd Johns, Should I change account right now?
He attacked all of my song.