Creating a place to collaborate on music

  • 26 August 2017
  • 1 reply

Hey, I had to really search for this forum. But my idea to help SoundCloud expand it's creative outlet is really simple. I suggest making another section besides "Discover" section, where you can post songs that people need help with and would like collaboration. It's easy. If you have a track you need help with, when you upload it a side menu appears. If you want collaboration click a check-box. That unlocks multiple sub check-boxes that feature things the artist is looking for like : lyrics, melodies, guitars, bass, drums, other instruments (which you would have write in). Upload and done. A side note on the track mentions "This artist would like collaboration in the marked boxes. For those searching for music to collaborate on, simply mark boxes of what your able to provide: lyrics, melodies, instruments, etc. Then you can filter music genre. Download said track, record using your own recording software, upload it as an .mp3 file (like usual) and wait for a response. When music is fully complete, simply upload again. If your sending song lyrics or ideas, just use the messaging system. There obviously has to be rules: 1. no one can profit from music collaborated on (until a system of equal payment can be installed) 2. an artist reserves the right to deny any submitted collaborated track if they don't like it. (uploads add to your time limit of songs uploaded, so it would drive people if they frequently collaborate to upgrade membership)3. While HIGHLY DISCOURAGED using a collaboration without giving credit cannot be punished unless SoundCloud internet security/deems it necessary (if you feel your music has not been credited you report it just like you would any suspicious/obscene/harassing uploads). It might take months to bring this idea to fruition but I think it could really help expand SoundCloud's reach and let artists truly connect with each other.