Creative Karaoke Juke Box Music Recording and Sales Business

  • 18 June 2017
  • 1 reply

How do I combine,,,,,,, and in one business of selling online my own real-time live improvisational music original compositions that I would electronically automatically arrange real-time live karaoke singing in a non-alcoholic restaurant along to my own online-streamed original music composition recordings playing real-time live through a karaoke juke box synced to the Internet in such same restaurant?

1 reply

Update: The professional model at might be better suited for venues, not just home use, but neither of such karaoke device brand models support any cameras. I want to film myself singing. In such same business, how do I combine SoundCloud live audio recording with Periscope TV live video recording, at Along with singing in such same business, how do I also include real-time live playing and recording of my own original improvisational compositions with the electronic musical instrument, Artiphon, at