Distortion in my tracks.

  • 9 November 2016
  • 7 replies

So, i'm new here and i'm having a problem with distortion on soundcloud, the sounds get distorted in my cellphone, but in my notebook sounds great. My ceiling is around -1.5 so i think is not the limiting that is distorting it, i tried to cut some of the distorted frequencies too, but it doesn't help, i tried to upload in 128kbps and it doesn't work too. Do you guys think is some problem in my cellphone or is my mixing process?

7 replies

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I have noticed this. I have an LG G4 phone and I contacted them about no avail. It stinks. Try backing down your output gain on your phone's volume.. definitely a bummer.
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Hi there,

Thanks for writing in and sorry that you are experiencing this.
 Please make sure you have the most recent version of the app, and have tried deleting the app, restarted your phone, then downloaded the app again from the Google Play Store.

If this doesn't help, let’s try and rule out some possibilities as to what might be happening:

It’s possible that it’s not the actual uploaded track/audio file that has issues with the sound but rather that the device you are listening it from simply cannot play the track correctly because of issues related to the audio phase.

Without getting unnecessarily technical about it, we’ve uploaded a Test track allowing to rule out the possibility of this being the case here:

Please play this test track from the device you were noticing something unusual in the sound: if you hear nothing but drums or something really weird and wonky, the issue you are reporting is not related to the track/audio file but is strictly related to your device. (This happens because it is summing both stereo channels of your track to be played through a single mono speaker.) This causes tracks containing phase issues or effects (by choice or by accident) to sound weird, different or to be completely silent.

If you hear drums as well as bass and guitar all fine, this means your device can play both stereo channels fine. It is therefore possible (although unlikely) that the actual track/audio file uploaded to our servers has an issue.

Hope I was able to clarify things for you and that the Test track helps.

For Soundcloud I use a -3.0 dB limit because of the compression. Try uploading in a rawer format such as WAV or AIFF. SC will do the compression for you.
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I have an iPhone 5s with the latest versions of everything and I have the same problem. When I noticed this weird sound quality recently I deleted the app, restarted my phone, then re downloaded it. Still weird wonky sound from the app through my iPhone speakers.
Any tips or thoughts?