• 15 April 2019
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Hi, I wanted to know information regarding the distribution on soundcloud ... I noticed that you are not distributed on beatport, traxsource and shazam why? is it possible to be distributed even on those digital portals? let me know

4 replies

Yes, we really need Beatport and Traxsource added :) Thanks!

Also an option to add lyrics and synced lyrics would be great Soundcloud :) Thank you!

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The problem is that Beatport and Traxsource deal with fairly specific genres. They aren’t going to want to have to check every track distributed by SoundCloud to filter out everything that isn’t suitable for them, but SoundCloud aren’t going want to do that either.

If when you apply for SoundCloud distribution there’s some option where artists say they make this, that and that genres of music so can they be distributed by Beatport and Traxsource, it would look a bit unfair to people that don’t. So maybe SoundCloud should charge a bit extra to get onto those stores.

Would you be prepared to pay extra to be on Beatport and Traxsource?

Through Distrokid you can easily publish to Beatport, so Im using that for now. Does not cost anything extra. But yes even if it would cost a little extra, I would be willing to do that.

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Hi there,

The list of all services to which we distribute can be found on our Help Center:

Shazam is actually on that list, the other two services you mentioned are currently not. Distributing from SoundCloud directly to services that are not part of the program is currently not possible. We're trying to provide distribution opportunities to as many services as possible, and the program has just started, so we're hoping to add more services in the future. Thank you for the heads up on this.