How can I equalize properly?

  • 18 October 2017
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a bunch of vsts names would help 😃

1 reply

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Which DAW are you using? Odds are whatever EQs it has are good enough for whatever EQing you need to do! I personally love using Logic Pro's Channel EQ and Ableton Live's EQ Eight.

When it comes to using EQ PROPERLY, you should look up some tutorials on that! Some quick tips that I know are:
- EQ cuts are better than EQ boosts (in general)
- EQ cuts should (generally) have higher Q than EQ boosts
- a useful trick to figure out "what frequencies to cut" is to create a LARGE EQ bell boost and move its target frequency around the frequency range so you can hear what frequencies are SUPER ANNOYING when they are louder. These are the frequencies you will want to apply EQ cuts to. 🙂

(unless you are doing mastering, in which case you might want to get iZotope Ozone or something, it has a beautiful EQ designed for transparent cuts)