How to be collaborate when different software is used?

  • 19 December 2016
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How would I best handle a collaboration with someone on a different platform and DAW? Meaning-how should we proceed?

8 replies

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I really need some advice for the above question
if you render out stems for every different mixer track you can send the separate wav files and he can work on them, this is the method most people use, its inefficient at best, there is no other way as far as I know to collab on different DAWs
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I guess should know but I don' what do you mean by "render out stems?" What are stems?
With stems I mean an audio file that contains just one instrument or vocal line, this makes it easy for others to add/subtract/change those instruments,
I dont know what daw you use but usually there is an option to render all mixer tracks to different files.
Otherwise you have to mute all other mixer tracks and render out every instrument separately.
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Thanks that's pretty much what I've already done with Midi tracks. As for Audio tracks the only way I can see to do that is to send the files as separate or cumulative files. Is there some other way to do this?
BTW I'm using Logic on a Mac and other person is Cubase on a PC.
no I think the separate way is the only way, its the only way i know of. midi works but you lose a lot of data unless you have the same plugins with the same presets, for any other audio that has any modulation on it the only way is to send separate audio files.
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I guess I was doing some wishful dreaming there hoping there was some simple, overall way to tackle it but...there ain't.
Thanks for making it all clear to me.
No problem dude sorry I couldnt be of much help. gl on that collab 🙂