How To Clear Track History

  • 5 October 2017
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I am new to Soundcloud, but an experienced narrator. recently I published a website and the Hosting Company's platform requires audio embedding be uploaded from Soundcloud or other cloud audio companies. However, after my initial track is played in it's entity a Hip Hop audio clip immediately plays. This is not to my liking, and I under no circumstance wish my listeners on SoundCloud or my website to mistake my tracks as being Hip Hop related. How do I prevent this????? I cleared my track history several times but to no avail. Do I need to upgrade to Pro unlimited in order to control such occurrences???? Please contact me with an answer as soon as possible. I genuinely do not wish Hip Hop music anywhere near my audio narratives, and for complete control I am ready to upgrade to Pro Unlimited. Please Help!

1 reply

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Hi there Van,

Hmm, let's see. I understand you're embedding audio on your own web site, correct? If so, could you provide the URL of the website so others here on the community can take a look and see if they can help?

Other than that, after an embedded track has played, no other track should be playing. This is different on - continuous play will cause for other related tracks to play after your track. In order to mute this for other, i.e. to make sure only your track plays when someone clicks on the link to your track, you could set the track to private and distribute the private track to your audience.

Hope this makes sense. If you have further questions around this, feel free to ask here on the community, or see the articles on our Help Center: