I'm trying a superhero mashup and need to know if there are test audiences??

  • 6 March 2019
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I am trying a mash-up that is very different but I know that the experimental stuff needs a little bit more testing with audiences then just saying okay it's ready here it is. Is there anything like that on SoundCloud? I had a great idea that turned into a horrible example because I wanted it to sound like mst3k watching the music video but this is SoundCloud so we can't see it. And it turned out that was the perfect format the whole time! I just forgot about ONE little thing.

It was it was always supposed to have a cinematic theme with like teaser trailers and commercials and so they were Whispering because they're in the movie theater and the 2 Live Crew yeah misophonia. Um... Tips?

2 replies

Whoops. And yes I know about Noise Gate and Filter but its really funny. And secretly a horror concept as well. Mashups would be like the one I just described being immediately followed by Voices Disclosure so in way, its the singing that happens in a musical.
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Hey there,

Hmm, I'm not sure I fully understand what you are looking for. In terms of having an audience to gather feedback, the Help Community is one place to post a secret link for instance. However, bear in mind that the community is a public place after all, so whoever comes across the topic can access the track via the secret link. Alternatively, you can send the secret link to other SoundCloud users via PM on SoundCloud directly, or send it via email to the people in your personal network.

Hope this sparks some ideas for you.