Looking for a Rapper!

  • 21 March 2018
  • 2 replies

Hey there, my name is Brandy and i am looking for a rapper. I like to do chill lo-fi/hiphop music and i also sing. Anyway my talents don't include rapping so i am posting this to see if anyone is interested. I recently made this track:


Most of the time i upload my beats without any vocals but a relaxing rapping voice would fit very well on this track. For me the track has this chillout, summernight, love, good old times feeling with little gutiar solos inbewteen to contrast the rapping part. If you can would like to work with it write to me at "thebrandymusic@gmail.com". I am also open to produce more music together you are the person i am looking for 🙂

2 replies

Im looking for a danish rapper too, Im a trap producer, reply me here or PM all the interested people.
Yoh gee am keen about all this is you are ok with it though