Looking for a singer

  • 4 May 2017
  • 1 reply

Hey, my name is Whelve aka Lachlan Ingham & I am an electronic producer.

I have just finished the soundtracks to an album & am looking for a good singer. Most of the songs already have the vocals laid out but I am always open to ideas 🙂.

The main genre for the Album is House.

Please contact me on my email WhelforgedRadio@gmail.com or message me on my Soundcloud page under Whelve.

Looking forward to hearing from a keen individual. 😃

1 reply

Hey 🙂 Look, man, I know this is late, but I can sing for you if you haven't already found one. I'm a singer/songwriter and looking to get my music more out there. Email me at emily.anne02@yahoo.com