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  • 7 August 2017
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In regards to the issue of missing tracks in late April of 2017 on Myles G's SoundCloud profile ( I wanted to reach out to SoundCloud because according to said artist he has reached out with no reply. His account remains active and he has posted what remains of his tracks with a few being lost such as New Day ( Does SoundCloud reserve the right to pull tracks from their site without prior notice? The tracks are lighthearted and lyric-free so I am unsure as to why they would have been pulled.

2 replies

All our tracks uploaded the 4 last months havebeen deleted by Soundcloud...
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Hi there,

SoundCloud does not delete any tracks. When a track is no longer available publicly, this is usually due to one of the following reasons:

- The artist uploaded a new track that caused them to exceed the quota of their current subscription. Some of their older tracks would then become hidden. (Free user have 180 min. of total quota, Pro = 360, Pro Unlimited = no hard limit)
- The track was blocked due to containing copyright protected material.
- The user, or someone else who had (unauthorized) access to the account deleted the track(s) from their end.

The first two reasons cause for a notification to be sent to the user account. If further assistance is required, it's usually most efficient to reach out to our Support Team directly.