My brother have 3 old channels which he want to delete but he doesn't have access to them

  • 21 December 2018
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Hello dear Support Team,

My brother about 7 years before has create 3 channels with his old Facebook accounts and now he doesn't have an access to these FB account and also to his ild pages in SoundCloud. Bellow you can see this channels and understand that there was nobody for about 7 years. He want to delete them for the reason that if people will search for him in SoundCloud to not be confused which channel is correct.
So he doesn't have an access to FB profiles with which he create them and also doesn't remember an emails of those FB accounts.
Please help us to delete these channels.

Thank you in advance,

The old channels:

The new channel:

3 replies

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Unfortunately, you are not able to remove accounts from SoundCloud yourself unless you have access to them. The accounts would only be able to be taken down by SoundCloud if they were breaking their Terms of Service or if the accounts were breaking any copyright or legal laws. I've gone through all three of the accounts, and none of them seem to be breaking either their Terms of Service nor any copyright or legal laws.

Sorry! ❤️
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Hey there,

Please have your brother reach out to our Account Access team directly to look into this in further detail. He can do so via the Help Center.