My long Snares sound hollow and bad in Soundcloud

  • 9 December 2017
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The original project and the rendered sound files sound good and also the downloaded files, but inside the soundcloud widget the long snares at the very beginning just sound hollow and wrong. I'm talking about the intro of my Take Me Home Remix , exactly from 0:06 to 0:19. I have never noticed something similar yet, especially not when making this track.
So what is this, how is it created and how can I avoid letting it destroy my intros?

3 replies

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may be you can also upload to bandcamp and compare. May be it takes some time before the stream is fully formed. Or privately share just the snares. I don't notice anything odd or hollow in this mix - but off course I don't know the original. I find the vocals a bit buried in the mix.
good luck
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Hey there,

This might be an interesting read for you: 🙂