Need Suggestion for Home Concert & Speakers

Hi Everyone!

Our group of friends is going to organize a small scaled home concert and its audio and video, we will share with different music communities including SoundCloud. We have all musical equipment that we need to organize a concert but many of friends are suggesting to record only performance (visual performance ) in the video and we will add music in it later.

However, many of friends are not agree with it. According to them, it should look like a live concert performance that’s why we should do everything live in one shot. Do you think it is possible? Secondly, we need to use some speakers and we are thinking to use passive and high powered speakers. These high powered ones are not only expensive but also need high voltage. I just added a suggestion about the use of these bookshelf speakers instead of high powered ones. Do you think they will work? Of course, we will add matching amplifiers and other stuff with them.

If they could be used for home theater then why can’t we them for small or like a living room concert? Please share your views and suggestions with me. 

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