Question about copyrighted music

  • 9 February 2019
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I am a singer. I have purchased some background music from a website that has given me permission to use their music and post it online.

I just need to know what I need to do when I post my songs so that I properly indicate this permission I have been given?

Please advise on what I should be doing ??

1 reply

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Hi there,

I won't be able to fully answer this question in its entirety here on the Help Community, but from what I can tell, you should be good to go. If SoundCloud's automatic content ID system detects any material in your tracks containing copyright protected material, it would block the track for the time being and you can set up a "dispute" where you can proof you have permission to use the material.

Please see the Copyrights section on the SoundCloud Help Center for more info around copyrights on SoundCloud.

Happy SoundClouding