RE: Songs being private vs. public

  • 22 July 2017
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As we all know, when I upload a song, at first people see it and have the opportunity to listen to it. By uploading it gets people's attention that it is there.

So, I have several songs I want to post. BUT, in my investigations, I find that it is a good strategy to post song say once every week or every other week in an effort to maintain exposure.

I was just wondering, let's say I have 20 songs. Can I post them as private and then when I change the status from private to public, does that cause the song to do whatever it would do if I had just posted it that day, or how would it show up on SoundCloud some other way?

What I am hoping for is that I will be able to post my music as private and simply change them to public and then it will be the same effect as posting it for the first time that moment.:8

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