smooth jazz commuity

  • 24 June 2019
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Why isn't there a smooth jazz community?

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because they are looking at music from THEIR OWN world, and anything that even remotely seems black is ignored.  They dont even acknowledge that Sinatra, and Kenny G should be in different genres. they are not. Jill scott, and the temptations...same genre to these people. James brown and Anita baker.

Smooth jazz has been uprooted by the record labels, because ALL demographics of amrerican radio listeners liked it. thats bad for radio. the usa radio wants us divided into nice pockets so as to advertise to each.

Disco was the same way.

they want whites and blacks, divided. GOP and Dems as well.

As a result, if a genre is drawing everyone equally, its not given a place. even hip hop is that way.

Hip hop is always glued to rap.  Music can be hip hop and NOT be rap. And a hip hop artist may not even WANT to be in association with rappers.