Sound quality is altered everywhere after uploading from GarageBand

  • 9 April 2018
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After reading many different articles on similar topics I’ve learned that it’s normal and to deal with it, but at this point I feel the need to ask questions

(Keep in mind I’m uploading entirely hip hop beats, lots of important bass and treble)

I’ve uploaded many tracks to soundcloud from GarageBand all with the same issue, bass, volume, and distortion, whenever I upload a track to SoundCloud from GarageBand specifically (not sure if it’s the same from uploading off any other software) no matter what quality I upload in major distortion literally kills the song, I’ve began to upload all my tracks in lossless because it’s the only upload that doesn’t sound as awful as the others, every high hat/snare is distorted, volume is capped throughout the whole song, which I’ve learned to fix by creating my tracks louder, however all the red bars kill the bass whenever I try to play off a speaker (which could be a whole different topic within itself is quality of bass on Bluetooth speakers), I don’t understand how people can create solid all rounding tracks on SoundCloud that sounds good off any earset, any speaker, and nothing is changed, if anyone has suggestions for things I should be doing uploading from GarageBand or if someone can suggest the best software to use please let me know, I’m entirely aware GarageBand isn’t the grail of platforms but I just need some advice asap.

Keep in mind all my songs sound great over my own headphones and device, but after uploading, it’s literally an entirely different song. Especially when played off the same headphones and device that I uploaded from-(When I upload my song from GarageBand to SoundCloud off my iPad and listen to that same song off SoundCloud on that iPad using the same headphones quality sound especially awfull)
Soundlcoud: Yung Voss (prod.)

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