Soundcloud deleted my track

  • 5 January 2018
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Soundcloud deleted my track and I would like to have it back.. thats when I change my pro account for a classic one
any helps ?

4 replies

I have exactly the same issue. Soundcloud deleted the first track I ever uploaded. No information anywhere, no notice, it just happened.
Apparently, Soundcloud 'hides' your oldest track when you go over your upload limit. It is invisible, even to the author, as if it never existed. Upgrading to increase your upload volume resolves the issue. I think this behaviour is clunky and should be communicated better, I did notice a warning that I 'reached my upload limit' when uploading my last track, but not that it would remove/hide any existing tracks. Either make it *extremely* clear that this will happen, or block uploading until the user clears up space in their account.
Furthermore, hidden tracks should be visible to the author as 'hidden due to upload limit' or something. At least you know what's happening that way, and it is an opportunity to invite an upgrade from the user. Now, I initially just thought Soundcloud was broken.
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Hi there,

@checkpodcast - thanks for helping out with this and also thank you for your feedback, which I will pass on to the relevant product team. If tracks of yours become hidden, you will still be able to see these track on your general tracks page:

More information on the subject can also be found on our help center:

All the best
Han borrado los audios que yo tenia en mi sitio web que los habia alojado en soundcloud y no me aparecen en mi pagina
Queria saber cual es la razon y como puedo hacer para solucionarlo.

Espero su respuesta
Muchas gracias
Carlos Guido


They have deleted the audios that I had on my website that had hosted them on soundcloud and they do not appear on my page
I wanted to know what the reason is and how I can do to solve it.

I am looking forward to your response
Thank you very much
Carlos Guido