Sounds way more mono after uploading to soundcloud?

  • 26 May 2019
  • 1 reply

After exporting my song, I listen on my computer, to both the MP3 and WAV and they sound great.

I upload a private link to soundcloud and I wouldn't say the audio quality gets worse, but just that the entire song sounds WAY more mono. Like there is A LOT less stereo information. Why??... I tried uploading both the MP3 (320kbps) and the WAV file. I A/B how they sound on my desktop when I preview it there, vs on soundcloud. Just again sounds way more centered and not nearly as wide. Everything else sounds about right though.

1 reply

I’m having a similar issue, with both WAV and MP3 files. For me the stereo image is mostly intact, but there’s three specific spots where it’s crazy noticeable, and I thought it was a high frequency encoding issue, but I high cut my track at 8k and still has mono/phasing issues. I tried this because it seemed like the places it was happening the most were areas of bit crushing or very fast auto panning with high frequency noise. I’m releasing this song on SoundCloud in a week so I hope this issue can be addressed soon; it completely ruins really cool parts of my track :/