Vienna Symphonic Library: How do?

  • 28 May 2019
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So I recently purchased Vienna Symphonic Library because I'm looking to upgrade my playback quality and explore a greater variety of sounds outside of the soundfonts available for MuseScore. However, I've been running into quite a few problems. For starters, even after using the Download Manager to install everything into its supposedly proper place, none of my samples appear on the Directory Manager (nor can I find them elsewhere), so I have no plugins into insert and use in the Synchron Player/Vienna Ensemble program, or on the Vienna Instruments application. I can get a plugin for the Vienna Ensemble 64-bit program, but no sound comes out (this may be related to an error I keep getting that says it can't open the sound output, then lists the name of my laptop speakers).

So, I guess the long and short of it is, do any of you fellow composers/sound engineers out there have or have used Vienna Symphonic Library, and, if so, how the heck do I get this thing to work?

1 reply

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Hey there,

Hmm, this sounds very much like a technical issue with the product you've purchased from the Vienna Symphonic Library. I've just checked - they have a forum as well, so other users over there might have a solution or workaround for you. I'd just recommend to go ahead and see how it goes:

Let us know how it went.