what recording device is recommended?

  • 19 July 2019
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i've always used NCH's soundtap, which i bought and i may have had to ask to reregister once but now i get the runaround from them that the code i use isn't for the current version and i download an older version and it says the same thing. i've had audacity and a bunch of others but can't find one i'm happy with. i'm strictly amatuer and this is like a hobby. i run windows 10, with a behringer XENYX Q802USB mixer in order to use a MXL 2006...that can pick it up and put it out there. i don't have professional sound, or money so i try to stick with the free software, if i can find the good ones. i usually sing at a website that records and then i'll record my songs and play them other places. if anyone has any insight to good, free recorders i'd be very thankful to hear about it. post here or feel free to msg me.

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