Why does my soundcloud not work?

I have been using soundcloud on samsung s 7 edge without wifi of data for a couple of months and then one day it stop working. Like I have been using soundcloud for YEARS and I am very upset with you SoundCloud! But all I want is to find a solution!

Thank You!

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@Javon'Tay Kenny : Good luck. Because with Soundcloud it might take a lot, a lot, a lot of time...
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Usually its the android patches and browser updates that cause the changes and glitches so yea but for me I am using Oneplus 3T and iPhone also so no issues at the moment
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Off topic -

Anyone know why one would be unable to re-post - My right to repost for a certain amount of time has not been taken away but i cannot re-post anything?

Anyone else having this problem or know why

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Hi there,

I believe your sign in issues might have hailed from an outage we were experiencing earlier. Apologies about this. I hope things are back to normal for you now?